What is Freelancer Direct? This is a new service from TLS offering direct access to production and post-production crew and equipment, without any management or creative input.  This is a cut-down no-frills service putting you in control of your projects by providing you with the crew you need to turn your vision into reality.

How do I book freelance crew? Please use our booking form here or call us on 01202 878030 during UK office hours (9am until 5pm GMT).

Can I get creative help for my production? Yes, but only through TLS; if you need storyboards, scripts or original ideas managed or produced from concept, please call them on 01202 878030 for a quote or to discuss your brief.

What happens if I need production management support? Freelancer Direct provides freelance crew and equipment hire only.  We cannot help with production management, or attending production meetings.  If you need full production support, please contact TLS on 01202 878030.

Can I request a particular individual? Yes, but we cannot guarantee their availability.

What if something goes wrong? Please call the office if there is a problem on the day.

Can I send a brief before the shoot?  Yes, but we cannot guarantee that this will be reviewed until the day of the shoot.  If it is vital that you speak to the camera operator or shooting director prior to a production, please book in a half day rate for a meeting at your offices or a quarter day rate for a telephone conversation.  If in doubt, call us on 01202 878030 and we will try to help you.

What happens if my shoot runs over? Once you have made a booking for a certain period, any additional time is charged at the standard daily rate or at an hourly overtime rate. If you think that your shoot will run over the agreed time, please let us and the freelancer you are working with know as soon as possible.

Who do I pay? When the job is complete, we will send you an invoice for the work including any equipment hire charges, overtime and expenses. Please settle this directly with us within 30 days.

How do I pick up equipment? Our offices are in Bournemouth town centre and we are open for equipment collections and returns between 9am and 5pm.  Additional charges will apply for collection and returns outside of these hours.

Can I hire a freelancer permanently? Yes, if you would like to hire a freelancer permanently please contact us.  We charge a modest finder fee for this service.

Can I hire and deal with a freelancer directly? No, all bookings for freelance crew must be made through Freelancer Direct.  If you would like to deal directly with a freelancer we charge a modest finders fee to cover our administration and recruitment costs.  All our freelancers are vetted by our professional team and work under contract.  If you would like to hire someone for repeated work, please contact us.